Bible Verse Of The Week – 12/09/22

Ding! 🛎 Bible verse of the week

I don’t have much to say regarding this week’s bible verse. I believe all that has to be said is clear within the scripture👌🏾.

However, do allow me to pray for you for this week today.

Let’s pray🙏🏾,

God almightly, I pray today that whoever receives this word of yours will go out this week with a heart that is ready to do things for you. Not to please others but to please you, God🙌🏾. I pray you may show each person how they can please you and through that obedience of your word, may they receive that reward of the inheritance. I thank you, dear God, for the wonders you will work in each person’s life this week. Give them the courage and strength to get through, I pray in Jesus’ name.

Amen 🙏🏾

Stay blessed in the most stylish way possible, being the you that God made you to be 😊

Weekend Vibes – 26/08/22

I need some good music this weekend 🎶

It’s time to kick back and relax and enjoy some sweet melodies.

Join me now as we go back in time and appreciate some sweet melodies played during this faithful month. 💃🏾🎶🎶

Weekend Vibes Playlist ( All songs available on Spotify)

Stay blessed in the most stylish way possible, being the you that God made you to be 😊

Walking in Faith Over Fear

Have you ever been at a crossroads in your life? Needing to make a decision between staying with what you know or stepping into the unknown? 

If so, you know the stress and anxiousness it can bring. The fear and the doubts. The late night thoughts keeping you from getting true rest.

That’s because the unknown is scary! 

I have a confession to make—I am a planner. I like to have all the details in place to move forward. Thinking about all possible obstacles, coming up with solutions in advance—even though the obstacles don’t usually even happen! 

But God is showing me that life just isn’t like that. At least not a life led by the Holy Spirit. A faith-filled life. And this kind of life, one that is about walking in faith and not fear, is the kind of life that is worth living. 

Jeremiah 29:11 is a well-known verse. But how many times have I, have you, just read over those words without letting them sink into our souls? “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”[1]

The God who created the universe is for you. He has plans for you. He has hope for you. 

And because of this we can truly walk in steps of faith. We do not have to fear because He is with us[2]. He is for us[3] and is a good Father to us[4].

Living a life where you choose faith over fear takes courage. And it takes intentionality. 

That’s because we have an enemy that is fighting for us to fail. A real enemy that wants us to live in fear instead of faith.

God’s Word tells us that the enemy is the author of confusion. That he is prowling around like a roaring lion[5] just waiting to trip us up, to get us off the course God has called us to. He is a liar[6]—cunning and deceiving[7].

Which means, he isn’t so easy to recognize sometimes. 

Doubt and fear are two of the biggest tools Satan uses to try and throw my life into confusion—especially when I know the Lord has called me to do something. The funny thing is, he doesn’t use anything new. I hear him say, “Did God really say that?” just like he did to Eve.

The enemy tries to make you question the truth of God’s word and what He is showing you.

Moving from fear into faith—the direction God has set out for you—means there will be a battle. A battle where Satan wants to keep you in fear so that you aren’t moving in faith with the promises and truth of God.

When you know that God is asking you to take a step of faith, take courage and be intentional to fight off the enemy! 

Talk to other believers who can encourage you and speak truth. 

Speak scriptures out loud to yourself as a reminder of who God is and who you are in God.

I speak out is the first verses from Psalm 25[8]. These phrases are the spiritual weapons I use.

  • In You Lord, I put my trust. 
  • Those who hope in You Lord will never be put to shame.  
  • Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your path.
  • According to your love, remember me for you, Lord, are good.

When we are taking big steps of faith in our lives, we need others. And that’s what this community, Stylishly Inspired, is all about! 

I would love if you shared what scriptures you use to fight off the enemy when you are moving from fear into faith. Comment below so we can encourage one another! 

This Inspired post was created by the lovely April Phillips. To connect with her please follow her socials below👇🏾




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Sunday’s Look is Looking all Rosy

Today’s look is brought to you by maroon, I know it looks red, but it’s maroon, okay! 👌🏾

The shoes are always a fav and the belt is giving me life 😍

Fun Fact: I don’t particularly like wearing red or anything close to it, so this is a rare sight 😁

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this verse and have a blessed Sunday.

Psalms 42:8 
“The LORD will command His lovingkindness in the daytime, And in the night His song shall be with me— A prayer to the God of my life.”

Stay blessed in the most stylish way possible, being the you that God made you to be 😊