Salvation Testimony

Post by Jess Horvath Iacobucci ✨

I grew up Catholic and stopped going to Church at 17. Never knew or learned about Jesus ( I was not saved in a catholic church). I spent the next almost 30 years in the new age environment, didn’t even realize I was.

I got into psychic readings, thought I was intuitive, did tarot, got into crystals for healing, got certified in Reiki, and just thought everything was vibes, energy and all that false idolatry.

Anyways, 2 years ago, I moved to the bible belt and the holy spirit I felt was very strong there. Almost a year ago, I thought I was having a “spiritual awakening”, as they say in the new age. I had ringing in my ears and was seeing “angel numbers” I then thought I was connecting with my grandmother, who passed away 19 years ago. Her presence was very strong.

I was very angry and fearful during this time. I had also committed a sin against a loved one, and when I decided to confess, all hell broke loose. I started praying feverishly to God. I prayed for a connection and admitted the sins I had done. Also, around this time, I foolishly opened myself up to a spirit guide, and I thought I could hear the spirit guide clairaudiently. The spirit guide was telling me things I had done but said God forgives. It got very manipulative with me. It started threatening me. Telling me it was going to kill me. It would not stop. I couldn’t get rid of it. I started having bad dreams. It was like a demon was coming into my dreams.

God was faithful though. I started remembering bible stories that I hadn’t heard since I was a kid. I had one Christian friend and I told her what I was going through. She started praying for me. She sent me a bible. I got led to a website (Doreen Virtue), who had a huge presence in the New Age but is now a Christian. I realized what I was doing was very wrong. I burned all my new age items and repented. I went to a Christian theatre and heard the gospel from a pastor there. I called out loud one night after suffering and announced Jesus is my Savior. The voices and torture went away.

I know now it was a demon and that all of this happened because the devil was mad I was trusting in the Lord. I became born again. I put my trust in Jesus. I am saved now along with my husband. We have kids and they are learning about Jesus. I joined a church and now go to bible studies. I read the bible and pray all day pretty much. I pray for others. I am living my life according to the bible. I am on fire for God. I am so so thankful!!

This was a salvation testimony by the lovely Jess Horvath Iacobucci to know more about her or connect click icon below 👇🏾

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