Who am I

You won’t believe where I found this 📝

As I was doing some much-needed clearance of sticky notes on my laptop (If you know, you know), I came across this little note from myself.

I was shooketh😱. Firstly, I had no idea when I wrote this🤔. Secondly, why had I forgotten all about it?🤷🏾‍♀️. The affirmations had me in awe of myself. What must I have been going through at that time?

Some mess of self-doubt I’m sure 😓. However, my first affirmation on the list did make me happy. God is always first, no matter what stage of my life. He honestly is the reason I am the woman I am🥺❤️.

I was encouraged today by this lovely note, and I intend to follow it this time (don’t hold me to that because life happens, okay😂).

Let this encourage you also. Sis, you are fearfully and wonderfully made❤️. It’s time to stand up and claim your crown 👑. But it all starts with your MIND 🧠. 

Time to write your affirmations list and start bringing confidence and positivity to your life today. Don’t forget God in the mix 😉💕

Stay blessed in the most stylish way possible, being the you that God made you to be 😊

P.S. As a result of getting sidetracked by the note, no tidy-up of sticky notes accomplished today 😂 but there is hope for tomorrow.

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