The War Is Not Over Yet

Hurt, pain, confusion, sadness, weakness, the perfect mixture that allows the devil to consume your mind if you are not careful enough. He will cause you to believe that the end has come and that you can’t push anymore, you can’t take another step. However, have you forgotten that it is the Lord who sustains you, who gives you strength when you are weak? Whose powers are shown in your weakness and downfalls? Don’t allow the devil to convince you that the war is over in your life, don’t bow down to defeat. Certainly not when God has already planned your victorious strategy for the next battle.

What inspired me to write this post was this song “2nd win” by Kierra Sheard. This song got me through some of the toughest seasons of last year. Where I felt like the devil had struck me with an arrow and I was dying in battle. Where I felt down and wanted to give up, bury myself and make the pain end. There were too many people with too many ideas wanting to control the way I lived and did things, giving me advice that was helpless and didn’t relate to my situation. This song always reminded me that the only person I should be looking to is God. He is my deliverer from all my situations, He is my right hand and helper “For I, the Lord your God, will hold your right hand, Saying to you, β€˜Fear not, I will help you.’” ( Isaiah 41:13).

Today let me encourage you when you feel like the devil has struck you down and the enemies are closing in, trust the Lord your God and bring it before Him. Like David did in the book of Psalms in his times of hiding from Saul. Like the Prophets of the old did such as Isaiah and Jeremiah, who confided in the Lord and trusted Him to protect them from persecution. There is a saying I once heard “they may have won the battle but they haven’t won the war”. The devil may have won that small battle for that day, but he surely hasn’t won the war that God has declared you the victor.

So next time you fall remember to get back up again, don’t remain on the ground because God has already planned your SECOND WIN. He is bigger than all your adversaries, He will cause them to be ashamed and greatly troubled. “Let all my enemies be ashamed and greatly troubled; Let them turn back and be ashamed suddenly.” (Psalm 6:10)
Stay blessed!

God is bigger than all your mountains πŸ™‚

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